We are delighted to announce that 6YEDOLL have put their trust in us forthe almost exclusive sale of their innovative real sex dolls in MalaysiaCarefully selected according to veryprecise specifications and keen to keep control of the production and distributionlines, we are the first distributor have been selected and authorized for Malaysia. The Premium range of the 6YEDOLL brand is quite simply the very bestto be found in the world of TPE sex dolls today. Elaborated withexpertize, sculpted and molded to a degree of unequalled fine detail usingluxury materials, Premium TPE sex dolls are currently very popularamongst those who love real dolls. In particular, 6YEDOLL Premium lovedolls have a last generation metal skeleton with very simplehandling and increased resistance. Their TPE Premium skin reproduces realfemale epidermis down to the tips of their nipples. What distinguishes the 6YE DOLL Premium brand from their competitorsis without doubt the level of fine detail brought to molding thesexual orifices (vagina, anus). Their appearance is quite simply a perfectreproduction of reality. And your sensations of pleasure can only bemultiplied.

We are the FIRST 6YEDOLL authorised distributor in Malaysia

Be Smart,

All the 6yedoll products ship out directly from the 6YEDOLL China factory, 

We are authorized to sell 6yedoll product within Malaysia & Singapore only.

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