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"Our company was founded with one goal in mind: To bring the highest quality Silicone dolls & accessories to the market"

We may not offer you the lowest price but we can give you the highest quality. We prefer to spending time explain to our client about our price instead of using longer time to apology for bad quality. We can increase the sale volume by lower the cost if we are purely profit-oriented, but we never do that, it is because we do believe that only with perfect quality can we serve our client with proud. We promise we will not waste our future just for short-term interests. We are trying the best to keep our promise and gaining more and more trust and loyalty from our clients. This is the biggest motivation pushing us to carry on !!!


''To become a renowned online specialty store for Silicone doll products''


''To provide customers with the best quality of Silicone doll products''

''To provide customers with the optimal pre-sale, on-sale and post-sale services''

Real Doll Collection is a TPE SILICONE Doll specialty online shop.

We Sell various Well Known Branded TPE & SILICONE Mannequins and SILICONE accessories.


All our mannequin products quality are guaranteed from world class famous brands. We ensure origin and we never sell counterfeit products. The manufacturers we work with are hand-picked after thorough our strict investigation and research.

Our flagship product is entity TPE & SILICONE dolls. The doll's whole body is build from TPE or SILICONE material, therefore the skin feel very soft, elastic and smooth like human skin, the body shape and body movement are close to human.

The entity doll is suitable for use in high-end fashion clothing store, commercial trade exhibition, video game exhibition, professional photographer and for private interest purpose.

In addition, we are proud to say that we are among the first reseller to obtain authorization from numerous world’s famous doll manufacturers in malaysia. Our goal is to bring the most realistic and premium mannequin dolls to our customer.

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All of our products are strictly selected to ensure product quality and safety , we are committed to give the best quality product to our customer.

If customer wish to order a doll with their own customization, we will need to re-order for the product and deliver to customer within 7-15 working days (production time+shipping time).

If for some reason you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site,shoot us an email or live chat with our professional customer service team,and we will help you to find what you’re looking for, or we’ll contact our supplier to see if we can get it for you.

Our experienced and dedicated customer service team will ensure that our customers have an enjoyable & hassle-free buying experience with us. 

We pledges to provide superior support before, during and even after the shopping process, and to deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction.

You will find on the website a unique selection of display mannequin and new mannequins that clients on Internet can’t find anywhere else.

We are known for our 3 principles:




We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied when you shop at our website. Thank you for shopping at Real Doll Collection.

Allow us to serve you high quality mannequin doll & accessories.


All our Products for display purpose only.


Thank you for shopping at Real Doll Collection, we appreciate your business.


Real Doll Collection Team.

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