Storage Sofa Box with key lock (100CM-165CM )

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  • Brand: WMDOLL
  • Product Code: SCWKL-01
  • Availability: Customizable

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Sex doll hidden Sofa Case with key lock

(For 100CM-165CM Doll)

Doll Height 100cm Outer Diameter  105x35x42,Inner Diameter:100x30x28

Doll Height 110cm Outer Diameter  115x35x42Inner Diameter110x30x28

Doll Height 115cm  Outer Diameter  120x45x42Inner Diameter115x30x28

Doll Height 125cm  Outer Diameter  130x45x42Inner Diameter125x40x28

Doll Height 135cm  Outer Diameter  140x45x42Inner Diameter135x40x28

Doll Height 138cm  Outer Diameter  143x45x42Inner Diameter138x40x28

Doll Height 145cm  Outer Diameter  150x45x42Inner Diameter145x40x28

Doll Height 148cm  Outer Diameter  153x45x42Inner Diameter148x40x28

Doll Height 158cm  Outer Diameter  163x45x42Inner Diameter158x40x28

Doll Height 163cm  Outer Diameter  168x45x42Inner Diameter163x40x28

Doll Height 165cm  Outer Diameter  170x45x42Inner Diameter165x40x28

Doll Height 170cm  Outer Diameter  175x45x42Inner Diameter170x40x28

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Dimensions & Weight Doll Height 100cm Outer Diameter 105x35x42,Inner Diameter:100x30x28 Doll Height 110cm Outer Diameter 115x35x42,Inner Diameter:110x30x28 Doll Height 115cm Outer Diameter 120x45x42,Inner Diameter:115x30x28 Doll Height 125cm Outer Diameter 130x45x42,Inner Diameter:125x40x28 Doll Height 135cm Outer Diameter 140x45x42,Inner Diameter:135x40x28 Doll Height 138cm Outer Diameter 143x45x42,Inner Diameter:138x40x28 Doll Height 145cm Outer Diameter 150x45x42,Inner Diameter:145x40x28 Doll Height 148cm Outer Diameter 153x45x42,Inner Diameter:148x40x28 Doll Height 158cm Outer Diameter 163x45x42,Inner Diameter:158x40x28 Doll Height 163cm Outer Diameter 168x45x42,Inner Diameter:163x40x28 Doll Height 165cm Outer Diameter 170x45x42,Inner Diameter:165x40x28 Doll Height 170cm Outer Diameter 175x45x42,Inner Diameter:170x40x28
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