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The online shopping frauds have been emerging in an endless stream, so Real Doll Collection will help people lay bare some of the fraudulent practices used by some profiteers on the market.

TPE/SILICONE dolls are made of high-grade materials, especially that Silicone is made of the highly costly medical grade silicone; therefore, the dolls made from these materials are usually highly priced. The price of the TPE doll is within RM4500-RM8500, while the price of the silicone doll is between RM8500-RM15000. The prices vary due to the differences in the brands, material quality and body shapes of the dolls, while some especially designed head shapes also affect the prices. 

The prices of the TPE/SILICONE dolls are mainly manifested by their vividness, for no matter regarding the profiles, appearances, the sense of touch of the skin as well as the details of the various structures bear a close resemblance to the real humans, while the amplitudes of the limb mobility are also very flexible.

If you intend to buy the doll that the apples of your eyes, then you should carefully read the following kinds of fraud practices that are revealed to you by us:


Practice 1: The shipment of the inflatable dolls in substitution of the TPE/SILICONE doll

In such renowned overseas online shops as TAOBAX,EBAX some profiteers would display the pictures of the TPE/SILICONE dolls in substitution of the latter so as to entice the potential customers. The most substantial feature of such a case is that the prices of the dolls are usually several times lower than the normal prices; in other cases, they try to attract the potential customers with the gimmick of “manufacturer’s direct sales price”. After the buyer has placed an order and made the payments, they can hardly conceal their delight resulting from the pickup of a bargain at a “manufacturer’s direct sales price”. However, upon receipt of the ordered goods, they will find that the seller had substituted the TPE/SILICONE dolls with the inflatable dolls or the semi-inflatable dolls for shipments. At such a moment, due to a long-distance shopping from overseas, it is an extremely difficult matter for the buyer to get an exchange or a refund; nevertheless, they usually have to silently bear the consequences of their coveting the little advantages.  


Practice 2: Shipment of poor quality plastic dolls in substitution of the TPE/SILICONE dolls

The sense of touch of the skin of the TPE/SILICONE dolls bears a close resemblance to that of the real humans. The product itself emits a fragrance provided by the manufacturer; in contrast, the sense of touch of the skin of the poor quality plastic dolls is rigid and rough and emits a pungent plastic odor.

Practice 3: Shipment of defective dolls in substitution of the real ones

When you find the prices of the products are extremely low, you have to consider the possibility that the irresponsible seller made a shipment of a second-hand or defective product in substitution of the new products. Not only do these defective dolls fail to conform to the health standards, they also bear the risk of infecting STDssexually transmitted diseases.

Practice 4 : Self-directed good praises by the online customers

Using false accounts, the profiteers usually create a large group of the so-called “insiders” to create a false impression of excellence for their fake products so as to blind the eyes of the potential buyers.


Practice 5: Shipments are not guaranteed

Without the assistance provided by the professional shippers, the products that need to be purchased online will usually encounter problems in shipments, including the loss of goods during shipments, confiscations by the Customs, as well as the need to pay the high import tariffs due to the seizures by the Customs. The profiteers oftenly shirk the respondibilty on cargo missing or being held by the customs ( actually the cargo does not been sent out)


The above various kinds of fraud practices are the problems that are encountered by the buyers when buying the TPE/SILICONE dolls; consumers should bear in mind that they shall never waste their precious time, energy and valuable money by coveting little advantages.


The purchase option of your beloved  dolls in Real Doll Collection will ensure that you will never regret! It is your wisest shopping option!

Real Doll Collection Team

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