Piper Doll【Exclusive】Genuine Sexy Realistic Life-like Platinum TPE Fashion Display Mannequin【Seamless Neck】【Phoebe】

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Exclusive Sold by Real Doll Collection in Malaysia

130cm Big Breast【Phoebe】Photo



B(胸围)25.9''in - W(腰围)18.9''in - H(臀围)29.5''in

Shoulder Width(肩宽):27.5cm

Arm Length(臂长):39cm

Leg Length(腿长):69cm

Foot Length(脚长):18.5cm

Oral Depth(口部深度):11cm

Vagina Depth(下体深度):17cm

Anal Depth(肛部深度):15cm

Carton Size(包装箱规格):134cm X 34cm X 24cm

Customization Option

*Please write the hairstyle Number in the COMMENT column when checkout

Before You Order


Thank you for considering to purchase our products.

Before you order, please read the following to understand the nature of our product:

Dolls are handmade :

Our life-like dolls are hand-made products that offer very soft touch and movable joints by using a special technology. We make dolls carefully one by one depends on buyer customization. Because of that, there is individual difference. Also, due to the production process, there are parting lines and holes to infix on the products. The surface made of TPE may not be uniform. 

To provide a product improvement , we may change specifications without notice. Please acknowledge it in advance. Please understand those things before you order. 

We do pay close attentions to every area of our products and manufacture them just as shown on our website. However, there may be times some small repair marks may occur. We hope that you take it into a consideration when placing an order

For buyer who are excessively bothered by small scratches, we do not recommend to purchase our products.

Product will aging.

Doll is made of a variety of materials such as TPE or SILICONE. It is depending how you handle the doll and the environment, each material changes with time. For example, discoloration of the skin or deterioration of joint hardness. Please acknowledge it in advance.

Please consider carefully your specifications before you order.


For Ready-stock:

Product will ship directly from warehouse to buyer’s doorstep within 1-3days.

For Re-order stock (customization order):

Total shipping time will take 7-10 days to reach buyer’s doorstep.

(60% deposit-production-40% balance-delivery)

Because our dolls are made-to-order, we do not accept any order cancellation for any reasons; this includes cancellation during/after production. We do not give any refund for orders that have been already placed.

Anyone engaging in fraud will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

www.realdollcollection.com doesn’t offer any returns or refunds and all sales are final and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

We encourage you to make up your mind completely before you place your order. Due to health & hygiene reasons, we are unable to offer an exchange or refunds for change of mind on our products. Also as each doll is handmade and customized according to each sale, it is not possible to return such item. It is the reason we provide clear photos and videos of the product to ensure your purchase with confidence to facilitate the order process. You are welcome to call us, ask us any questions and also check out our demo videos to make sure you are comfortable in placing order with us.

Thank you for shopping at Real Doll Collection, Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.
Real Doll Collection Team  

Product Information
Description Head and body are seamless is the most perfect doll. This is Piper Doll’s concept. Piper Doll is a professional manufacturer who makes head and body seamless and life-like sex dolls. We insist original design on doll appearance. In quality, we use the best material - Platinum TPE. Also, we design and make our own metal skeleton that stimulate the movements of human. About Piper Doll accessories, we provide customized wig and outfit. We focus on every detail, so we believe Piper Doll will bring you the best experience about Platinum TPE The vision: Platinum TPE doll includes exquisite details that making it stunning. The sense of touch: Platinum TPE doll is very soft and full of elasticity and feels like a real human. The smell: There’s no any terrible smell.
Realistic Extent Realistic skin touch, life-like mouth,vagina and anal hole
Product Material Platinum TPE
Included Accessories Wig Cap, Lingerie, Heating Rod, Personal Lubricant, Condom, Baby Powder, Hand Glove, Comb, Washer, Decoloration Cream, Repair Glue, Lipstick.
Dimensions & Weight B(胸围)25.9''in - W(腰围)18.9''in - H(臀围)29.5''in/21.7kg
Carton Size 134cm*34cm*24cm
Discreet shipping We make sure to protect the confidentiality of your order and take great measures to keep everything secure and discreet. We pursue every effort to make our shipping and handling as discreet and as efficient as possible.

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