Established in June 2008, the Guangzhou New Sino Environment Technology  Company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of silicone love dolls. Many people enjoy dolls purely as photographic models and we are catering for this non-sexual need also. After years of high intensity and rapid development we are committed to developing and  producing China best realistic dolls, already bringing "Z-Onedoll & SINO DOLL" to the fore as the top doll brand in China.

“Z-onedoll” is our latest generation of dolls, which combine heating,sound and chatting systems together in a doll made from the highest quality platinum silicone.The internal heating system can bring the temperature of doll’s body to reach around 37 degree Celsius.Another great feature is the moaning system by adopting high-tech smart chips; When you engage sexually with them, it really gives you the impression that you are having sex with a real person. Chatting system is our latest technology in 2017,which makes your dolls alive and brings you more fun in life. Delivering high quality platinum silicone dolls with fast and reliable services is always our aim.

We are TOP SINODOLL Authorized Exclusive Agent in Malaysia

Exclusive Sold by Real Doll Collection


【如有其他卖家售卖SINO DOLL产品,均为盗图而且是不知名小厂所生产的仿冒品,请各位买家小心谨慎,切勿贪小便宜而受骗】

Beware of the Counterfeit products that sell by other seller, especially they will use same SINO Doll head but they change to different brand name

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