Original Branded Sex Doll VS Cheap Counterfeit Sex Doll

Original Branded Sex Doll  VS  Cheap Counterfeit Sex Doll

We are your most trusted entity doll seller !
Our competitors may copy our business approaches, but never our originality and quality that we always strive on!

Why choose us?

  • ALL the entity sex doll products we sold are original genuine product of our manufacturers which are well-known branded.
  • We are official authorized distributor of famous SILICONE doll manufacturer EXDOLL, and famous TPE doll manufacturers WMDOLL, DOLL HOUSE 168, JYDOLL, RDOLL and 6YEdoll
  • These well-known brands have entered the global international market, and have been well received in the global international market.

First of, many of you maybe wondering why other sex doll sellers on the internet are offering so much more competitive price, and a lot more cheaper I mean.

As the matter of fact, and as in any typical real life, it's as simple as you'll get what you pay for : a cheaper price could mean a poorer quality of the inferior sex doll you're getting, and vice versa.

With the cheaper quality it means not only the finishing of the sex doll with defects, but it posts a bigger concern and threat to the users over the safety issues - they cannot ensure you that the 

raw material aren't the ones recycled from the medical wastes or second hand resale!

When you find the prices of the products are extremely low, you have to consider the possibility that the irresponsible seller made a shipment of a second-hand or defective product in substitution of the new products.

Not only do these defective dolls fail to conform to the health standards, they also bear the risk of infecting STDssexually transmitted diseases.

That’s why we Real Doll Collection get the high quality product from the well-known  branded sex doll manufacturers, their product will go through the strict quality check process and  we can provide the QC laboratory report to  our customer !
What we're trying to stress here not only for the brands and trademarks of our sex dolls are certified and accredited legally, but also with proven experiences and verdicts from our customers!

The advantage of buying genuine branded sex doll

  • The source of our products comes from well-known doll manufacturers, the quality of product is guaranteed. which ensures your satisfaction.
  • All our products are brand new and customized product for customer.
  • All the authentic brand have anti-counterfeiting card.
  • There is no need to worry about the product safety and hygiene.


The disadvantage of buying a cheap unbranded sex doll

  • The source of product is unknown.
  • Quality is not guaranteed, you are wasting money to get a bad quality product.
  • Poor hygiene (recycled materials / second-hand sex doll resale).
  • Easy to fall into the trap of scammer
  • The risk of disease transmission.


You should now understand better on what you should choose upon when considering getting sex doll, and on what basis the health and safety should never be compromised! 

And that's what exactly we can offer you with our help !


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